Let My People Breathe! Unmasking the Mask Controversy With Science And Scripture

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Let My People Breathe! Unmasking the Mask Controversy With Science & Scripture answers two critical questions about mask efficacy against a virus: do they work, and are governments justified to impose mask mandates? Science answers the first question with a definitive NO! 964 science articles and papers examined: zero support for the claim that masks offer protection against transmission or contagion by a virus. The Bible (and the US Constitution) answer the second question: NO! Citizens are not obliged to surrender their autonomy over health decisions to the government. One of the unique features of Dr. Scheidbach’s book on the present mask controversy is his examination of what the Bible actually teaches about a believer’s relationship to the government.

Chapter Five, Natural Filtration Vs. the Mask presents the science that shows masks are actually harmful when worn hours at a time, day after day! This chapter alone is worth the price of the book.

Chapters Twelve and Thirteen offer a clear and easy to understand explanation of Romans 13:1-6, the passage usually used to argue Christians must obey mask mandates. In summary, our Founders threw off the pernicious false doctrine called the Divine Right of Kings, which asserted human Kings acted as direct agents of GOD and all his “subjects” were required by Scripture to obey every ordinance of the King as if it came from GOD. Today, many are asserting a new version of the same false doctrine that we might call the Divine Right of Government. No human authority is absolute. Governments are subject to law, and to the People, not the other way around!


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Christine (Chris) Pace, RN: "Thank you for sending Let my people Breathe. It is very well done Jerry, full of true and insightful info! I found absolutely nothing to change or add to! You did very thorough research and your medical information was exact! … The medical mask info you laid out is Medical Science 101! After serving in that field over 30 years, I have struggled greatly with the info provided/mandated by our government and even more with the compliance! People are fearful of losing their jobs, their income potential, their reputations, their health—their material "things"! So many have been duped! Thank you, Jerry, for speaking the truth! May God richly bless you as you provide His truth to His people Brother!"

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