Preservation (PDF)


Preservation is that doctrine which states what God gave by divine inspiration, He kept through divine preservation. Pastor Scheidbach has selected the sermon notes of five of his messages presented here in the pdf downloadable document, and offers all 22 of his messages on the subject in mp3 format. The sermon notes are fully documented and provide an excellent introduction to the topic, and the essential arguments supporting the more broad claims made throughout the series. The Audio messages cover the subject thoroughly. (Note, each message is edited to fit the radio broadcast format for which they were prepared. Most were taken from our archives which means they are not radio quality, however, this makes them more easily downloadable and the quality is considered sufficient for the purpose here.

You will receive a very thorough introduction to the subject of Preservation.

$15 dollars purchases the five sets of sermon notes and all 22 audio mp3 files.

This product is available by download only.

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