Hello! I’m Dr. Scheidbach, senior pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church. Thank you for visiting our Registration Links page! Please find the specific link to the event you are looking for below!

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The GAP Conference

The GAP Conference free to all pastors and full time workers and their families. All others are asked to kindly consider a gift of $25 to cover costs of the meals and other gifts. Thank you!
Click on the following link:  GAP Conference Registration Form

Daniel & Revelation with Dr. Scheidbach

This course is free to all who attend the classes at the Lighthouse. All others are asked to kindly consider a minimum donation of $20 to cover costs of the materials. Thank you!
Click on the following link:  Daniel & Revelation Course Registration Form

Know Your Bible: Illuminating Insights

All are welcome to attend our Sunday morning services to hear Dr. Scheidbach take us through the Bible. However, those who desire to receive his book Know Your Bible: Introductions and to receive his notes and outlines for his messages must register. Non-members are asked to consider a donation to help cover costs of these notes and outlines.
Go to Know Your Bible: Insights

Heroes Of The Faith Sunday School

This is a free transportation service to the Lighthouse Baptist Church available to all who reside within our bus routes. The bus routes are defined on the registration page. Thank you!
Go to  Christian Patriots Summer Training Registration Form

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